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Information on Entrance Examination for Doctoral Study in English Language in Academic Year 2018/2019

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Study branches

The doctoral  study program Finance and Accounting in English at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting may be taken in the following branches:

Name of branches Time limit of study
  (academic years)
Form of study 
 standard maximum 
 Finance 3 5  Full-time or combined
 Accounting and Corporate Financial Management

Information on Entrance Examination

Time schedule:

Application deadline: May 15, 2018
Entrance examination: July 21, 2018
Alternative entrance examination: September


  • Address: University of Economics, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, W. Churchill sq. 4, 130 67 Prague 3, Czech Republic
  • Phone: +420 224 095 142 - Ms. Andrea Jarkovska, coordinator for PhD.
  • e-mail: andrea.jarkovska@vse.cz

Application form

The admission procedure begins upon receipt of the application for admission to study submitted by an applicant in electronic form.

Electronic Application Form can be found on the WebPages: http://insis.vse.cz/prihlaska/?lang=en

The application form must have the following documents enclosed:

  • Appendix to the Application Form can be found on the WebPages: http://ozs.vse.cz/english/?page_id=99
  • Curriculum vitae (i.e. education, professional experience, knowledge and skills),
  • Authorized recognition of completed graduated education of Master (or equivalent) degree and obtained diploma. Recognition of Diplomas in economic science may be obtained directly at the UEP.
  • List of publications,
  • Scientific essay on the intended financial or accountancy topic to the extent of about 5 A4 pages (10 pages maximum). One part of the essay is the idea of aiming and structure of the dissertation including a list of literature dealing with this issue. The applicants are recommended to consult the focus of the scientific essay and final thesis with the senior lectures or professors supervising the relevant subjects. The applicant is obliged to send the CV, list of publications and the scientific essay also via email to the coordinator of doctoral studies.

All application materials are to be written in English, whereas original documents in the other languages must be accompanied with authorized English translations.

Administrative fee for the admission proceeding

If an application is submitted in electronic form, the admission fee is 50 EUR. An applicant will receive the account number and variable symbol needed for this payment to the email address noted in his/her application. The admission fee is not refunded in the event. of the applicant not sitting the exams. The admission fee is not refunded either, if recognition of diploma is rejected.

If all the requested papers are provided in order, and in good time, and the admission fee is paid, the applicant will receive a letter of invitation to come to sit the exams.

Admission procedure and condition

Completed graduate education of Master or equivalent degree is the fundamental admission condition. Admission to the doctoral study program is subject to successful pass of admission proceedings. Admission decisions are made by Faculty Dean based on successfully passed admission examination and with respect to capacity of supervisors. If an applicant is not admitted to the doctoral program solely for insufficient capacity of supervisors the results of the admission examinations are valid for one year from the date of the examination. Detailed information about the admission examinations will be given in a letter of invitation.

Before a candidate takes the examination, he or she will have to:

  • prove his/her identity by a passport,
  • submit other documents as stated in the invitation to the admission examination.

Admission examination requirements

The entrance examination is taken in:

  • the major line subjects' has a form of a discourse on the issues related to the study program the applicant intends to study. The assessment of the applicant's performance takes account of the applicant's interest in the field of study, his/her acquaintance with the issues in that study program and his/her general capability. The discourse presupposes knowledge required for the master's comprehensive final examination in the major specialization at the University of Economics, Prague. Information on the examination can be obtained from doctoral study coordinator Ms. Andrea Jarkovska - andrea.jarkovska@vse.cz
  • the English language examination takes 30 minutes and has two parts:
    • reading of a general economics text (15 to 20 lines), summary of the text
    • discourse on an issue related to the applicant's major specialization and his/her intention concerning the studies pursued.

Evaluation of the admission examination

Each part of the entrance examination, i.e. the major line subject examination and the examinations in language, are graded as follows: 1 - Excellent, 2 - Very good, 3 - Good, 4 - Fail. If an applicant fails in one of these examinations, he or she will fail in the entrance examination as a whole. The examination board will record the grade plus a brief clarification of the grade awarded.

A candidate who has passed will have the mathematical mean calculated by the board of two parts of the entrance examination with the major line subjects examination result taken two times. The result is then rounded up to two decimal places.

Applicants are admitted to the doctoral study on the base of their entrance examinations results and considering the availability of suitable supervisors. The Dean's decision will be mailed to each applicant within two weeks following the date of the alternative (2nd) term of the entrance examination. The applicants who have been admitted will also receive instructions about enrollment and the beginning of their studies. Successfully passed entrance examination is valid for one year. If an applicant is admitted due to the teaching capacity in the study program, next year he/she can apply for the admission without sitting for entrance exam. In this case the confirmation of successfully passed entrance exam must be enclosed to application form.

A student who has fully satisfied the requirements of the admission proceedings becomes a doctoral student on the day of his/her enrollment.

Review of the decision

Applicants who are not admitted may request a review of the decision. The request must be submitted to the body that have issued the decision no later than 30 days upon its receipt.

Tuition fee

Tuition fees amounts to € 5000 per year shall be settled at the beginning of corresponding year. The amount shall be settled by bank transfer. Details for settlement are available in the doctoral student coordinator.

Thesis Themes