Admission to a Doctoral Study Programme is conditional upon the proper completion of studies in any branch of Bachelor’s and Master’s Study Programme. Both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s Diploma must be recognized in the Czech Republic for more information visit the following link -here-.

How to apply

  1. Successfully submitting an application with appendix including all the necessary enclosures

  2. Contact your potential PhD supervisor

  3. Write and submit an entrance exam essay


  4. Pay the admission fee of 50 Euro

  5. Passing the entrance examination

The final decision concerning the admission of an applicant rests with the dean of the faculty of the respective Doctoral Programme with due consideration given to success in the entrance examination, as well as the teaching capacity of the faculty. If an applicant has not been admitted only because of the insufficient teaching capacity at the faculty, the examination results remain valid for one year following the date on which the examination was taken.

Students wishing to study in a programme in a language other than Czech (“Foreign language programme”) must pay a tuition fee. This fee is € 5000 per year.  There are two types of PhD study modes: full time or combined modes. If foreign students study in a combined mode of study (distance form) they come for consultations at a time agreed with their supervisors, but are not obliged to attend lectures and seminars daily. Nevertheless, they must come to sit the exams. Students can study, sit examinations, as well as write and defend their doctoral thesis, in a foreign language. The standard length of study is 3 or 4 years, depending on the study plan of each individual student.