Entrance exam

After successfully applying for admission and meeting all the requirements you will receive an invitation to sit the entrance exam.

The date and time of the entrance exam will be specified by study coordinators. The usual date is in late June, in some cases it is possible to attend the alternative date in September. Please contact the study coordinator to consult the possibility of attending the exam on the alternative date.

Entrance examinations take place at the address given in the invitations that will be sent to applicants. Immediately before an applicant takes the examination, they will have to:

  •  prove their identity and nationality (by an identity card or a passport)
  •  submit any other documents as are stated in the invitation to sit the entrance examination

The entrance examination is to be taken in:
1) the major specialization
2) foreign languages.

Applicants intending to study in the foreign language programme must pass the English entrance exam (sitting foreign language exam other than English is authorised by the dean of the faculty who can give permission on the grounds of a written request; it is necessary to apply at least two weeks in advance).
The Czech language proficiency of foreign applicants for the study programmes held in Czech will be examined during the major specialization subjects’ examination.
In justified cases it is possible to request sitting the entrance exam via Skype; in this case it is necessary to apply to the study coordinator in advance.

1) The major specialization subjects’ examination takes the form of a discourse on the issues related to the study programme which the applicant intends to study. The assessment of the applicant’s performance takes account of the applicant’s interest in the field of study, their acquaintance with the issues in that study programme, as well as their general level of knowledge. The discourse presupposes knowledge on the level required for the master’s comprehensive final examination in the major specialisation at the Prague University of Economics and Business. Information on the examination as well as the list of literature expected to have been studied can be obtained from the doctoral studies coordinators at the relevant faculty.

Recommended literature for Finance entrance examination:
F. S. Mishkin: The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets
J. Stiglitz: Economics of the Public Sector


2) The foreign language examination
General information
1) Reading of a general economics text (15 to 20 lines), summary of the text (in some cases students have to pass a written test)
2) Discourse on an issue related to the applicant’s major specialization and their intention concerning the studies pursued.
3) Time limit: about 30 minutes each.