Management Accounting


About The Department

The Department of Management Accounting is a respected educational, scientific and research workplace, which is well known to professional public thanks to comprehensive conception of managerial control information support, based on accounting understanding of the world.

Strong relation to topical problems of company management is the principle department value. Its development is based especially on tight collaboration of department members with progressive companies and experts from practice who – conversely – participate in department activities in form of part-time jobs.

The fundamental aim of experts working at the department is to provide students and other interested parties with knowledge how to develop and use management accounting information in economic subjects´ management and how to incorporate this information into the context of holistic company information system.


Courses in English

1MU504 Strategic Management
1MU507 Strategic Management Accounting
IP410 Management Accounting
Management Accounting for Joint Degree Programme


Courses in French

1MU502 Financial Analysis and Management


Science and Research – Main research topics

The scientific and research activities of the department have been structured into partial sub-projects solved in the frame of long-term department project „Development and use of managerial oriented information systems“. This project is the part of a long-term faculty scientific project „Development of financial and accounting theory and its application from the interdisciplinary view-point“.  In the frame of the departmental project the following sub-projects were solved and continue to be solved:





prof. Ing. Bohumil Král, CSc.

+420 224 095 107




prof. Ing. Bohumil Král, CSc. +420 224 095 107
prof. Ing. Jana Fibírová, CSc. +420 224 095 150
Associate Professors
doc. Ing. Libuše Šoljaková, Ph.D. +420 224 095 149
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Wagner, Ph.D. +420 224 095 162
Assistant Professors
Miroslav Brabec +420 224 095 141
Ondřej Matyáš +420 224 095 150
Vlastimil Roun +420 224 095 199
Ladislav Šiška +420 224 095 149
PhD. Students
Zuzana Benešová +420 224 095 199
Markéta Boučková +420 224 095 141


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