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Graduation Ceremony MIFA

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Dear Graduates,

we would like to invite you to the Graduation Ceremony of class 2015 which will be held on:

Friday 30.6.2017
from 11:00
at Vencovského aula
Our Graduates for the academic year 2016/2017 are:
Ajrapetova Tamara, Ing., MSc
Balík Pavel, Ing.
Goncalves António, Ing.
Haugland Martin, Ing.
Häuser Florian, Ing.
Ivanov David, Ing.
Kaikaryte Gabija, Ing.
Karan Boris, Ing.
Larionova Ksenia, Ing.
Mysin Roman, Ing.
Mysina Amira, Ing.
Orlova Daria, Ing.
Talykova Gerenzel, Ing.

Please note that the graduates must be present one hour earlier at the foyer of the aula (1st floor of NB).