Institute of Energetic Economy

The Institute of Energy Economics (IEE) is an integral part of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Prague University of Economics and Business. Our aim is to interconnect the academic sphere with energy business and to create a linkage between students and our partner companies. To fulfil this ambition we organize various lectures and conferences both to educate the students and to create some adequate environment for establishing new contacts. This is further strengthened due to both our yearly organized Career days and the annual Energy Economics Contest – competition of scientific papers from the field of energy economics.

Energy Economics
Energy economics is a broad scientific area which includes topics related to the supply and use of energy in society. Due to the variety of issues and methods shared with numerous academic disciplines, it is not an independent scientific discipline, but it is regarded as a subdiscipline of applied economics.

IEE was founded in 2010 and since this moment supported great number of students especially in the beginning of their job careers. Our alumni members work both in private and public sphere, typically as analysts or traders and also in the middle management. During our existence we managed: to arrange more than 50 lectures, to organize over 10 conferences and roundtables, and to comment on fresh events using all our communication channels. Last but not least, we financially rewarded the best papers in Energy Economics Contest with the total amount exceeding 250 000 CZK.

A key pillar of our running is the long-lasting and structured cooperation with private companies which operate in energetics. We are proud to be partners of Amper Market, a.s., ČEPS, a.s., Ernst & Young, s.r.o. a Power Exchange Central Europe, a.s. and, recently, ExxonMobil Business Support Center Czechia, s.r.o. It is our intention to create diversified portfolio of partner-companies in order to create various opportunities for the students to develop their knowledge and to establish new contacts. We want to stay attractive for our partners and besides linking them to the students we offer them a wide range of promotional opportunities (e.g. in our newsletter).