PhD Programme in English


Prospective students

The faculty of finance and accounting offers an English language PhD. programme for all international students. This programme is a three year full time or part-time programme that is fully recognized and offered in two main study areas:

The prospective student has to apply through a regular application process and proceed through the entrance examination. The entrance examination focuses as well on the entrance exam essay each applicant must submit to their potential supervisor. Each prospective student must agree with their potential supervisor about the supervision prior to submitting the application documents. Please follow the links bellow for further information or contact Alžběta Kožušníková, M.A., tel: +420 224 095 142, email:

For information on submitting applications (in electronic form) with an appendix (in written form), conditions for admission, general description of the contents of the examinations and the criteria by which it will be evaluated as well as on other requirements please see the files below. The programmes are carried out in the languages according to their accreditation. The number of students that will be admitted to study in these programmes depends on tutors’ availability (max. 5 students per 1 tutor). All essential information can be obtained under the following links/from the the following files: 

Important dates for application (Academic year 2018/2019)

Current Students

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