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European Financial and Accounting Journal

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European Financial and Accounting Journal is focusing on scientific papers publishing with financial and accounting subjects. The objective of editorial board will be publication of research and development findings in the field of audit, banking, business valuation, corporate finance, financial accounting, insurance, managerial accounting, monetary theory and policy, public finance and tax policy. Financial theory passed through amazing development in last years and has exerted influence up financial field experience by return. In these days is accounting theory focusing on international harmonization of accounting and is finding ways, how to accept new calls represented especially by recently series of multinational enterprises bankruptcy. A lot of traditional postulates of both theories have been discredited and that is why it is necessary to find other theoretical solutions of older tasks. Besides there are appearing new tasks, which existing theories have not think over yet. The editorial board believes that European Financial and Accounting Journal will be able to bring new finding and solutions to the development of accounting and financial theory. All of taken papers are subject to peer review process to ensure the only quality scientific papers have been publishing.

European Financial and Accounting Journal is issued in combined printed and electronic form. Only a few printed versions are published. The printed versions are mainly placed to libraries. Even thought this journal is not possible to buy, it is possible to browse inside of it and read all papers, because the electronic form is accessible on the Internet for free

Scientific papers are placed on the Internet in .pdf format. On the website written above you are able to find instructions for authors, sample of paper, license contract template at once.

European Financial and Accounting Journal is the journal, which is published by the University of Economics, Prague within the framework of research plan called Development of Financial and Accounting Theory and its Application in Practice from Interdisciplinary Point of View.

Leoš Vítek
Editorial board’s chairman European Financial and Accounting Journal