Corporate Finance

The research and scope of the Department of Corporate Finance is focused on two main thematic areas. The first professional specialization is oriented towards Financial Management of business subjects in close relevance to their economic, accounting and financial environment of an enterprise. This is mainly composed of taxes, money and capital market including market of foreign exchange. The second professional specialization of Department is Business and Property Valuation.

The department incorporates these themes into the postgraduate programme with a variety of specific subjects which are included both in the main specialization (FO) and minor specialization (1OC). The Doctoral studies are organised within the program Accounting and Corporate Financial Management where the subject of the Financial Management of business is taught by the Department and many doctoral theses from the research fields of Financial Management and Business Valuation are supervised. An active form of teaching supported by lectures and seminars is carried out in lecture rooms equipped with latest facilities.

The mission of the Department of Corporate Finance is to promote high quality research at The University of Economics and to coordinate the teaching of Corporate Finance, Business Valuation and Financial Management at undergraduate, Master and PhD level.


Courses available in foreign language


Science and Research – Main research topics

  • Financial analysis and financial planning
  • Investment decision making
  • Short-term and long-term financing
  • Business valuation
  • Intangible assets valuation
  • Cost of capital and capital structure
  • Financial Management and valuation of Multi-Business Enterprise