Scholarship Regulation for Master Degree 4/2018

Faculty of Finance and Accounting
Prague University of Economics and Business

Regulation of the dean
of Faculty of Finance and Accounting

In the means of the merit scholarship for students of master programme Master Finance and Accounting (MIFA)

Extent of Regulation

This Regulation is consistent with the Scholarship Regulation of the Prague University of Economics and Business (11th April, 2014).

Merit Scholarship

  1. Merit Scholarship for Excellent Study Achievements within the meaning of Article 3 of the Scholarship Regulations of the Prague University of Economics and Business, will be awarded to a student who has attained his / her academic degree in accordance with Section 5 (1) in the previous academic year[i] average of grade up to 1.40 inclusive, and they meet the following in the individual study program conditions:
  • in the previous (first) academic year he/she gained at least 57 credits in the Master’s program and
  • ended at standard time of study in the summer semester of the previous academic year (i.e. by 31st August) and in the previous academic year did not have an interrupted study.
  1. Grant of a scholarship must be requested by the student in the form of an electronic application via the student information system (Insis) no later than the date stated by the Dean in the Harmonogram of the Academic year.
  1. In the request the student must state:
  • the study program and the semester in which the student is in the winter semester of the current year,
  • the average grade from the study information system for the previous academic year,
  • the number of received control credits earned in the previous academic year,
  • bank account details.
  1. The Dean decides on the award and the amount of the scholarship based on the proposal of the scholarship committee of the Faculty.
  2. Entitlement to the merit of a scholarship is terminated if the student exceeds the standard period of study (students who have been sent to study at the University of Economics for study abroad); or he / she will cease to be a student of the faculty. In the event that one of the facts mentioned in the first sentence occurs, the last payment of the scholarship belongs to the student for the month in which the fact occurred.
  3. Students who have been sent to study abroad at the VSE, as a part of his/her study, may be awarded an extraordinary scholarship even if they do not fulfill the conditions referred to in point (a) and (b) in Article 1

Average merit and control credits

  1. The average gain for an academic year for the purposes of this Degree is the average merit determined in accordance with Article 3 of the Study and Examination Rules, which is calculated by rounding to two decimal places the student’s study in the previous academic year, that is, from 1 September preceding calendar year until 31 August of the current calendar year inclusive.
  2. The control credits accrued for the academic year are deemed to be credits under Article 3 of the Study and Examination Regulations obtained in the same period as in Article 1.

Payment of Scholarship

  1. Scholarships are paid in Czech Crowns by bank transfer to a bank account.
  2. The merity scholarship is paid in monthly instalments. The merit scholarship does not apply in the months of July and August. For the months of September, October and November, the merit scholarship can be paid back.

This Regulation is to be valid from September 1st 2018.


doc. Ing. Ladislav Mejzlík, Ph.D.

[i] A regular academic year is the academic year for which a student is applying for a scholarship, the previous academic year is academic year immediately preceding the current academic year.