One of the major obligations during the doctoral studies is presenting research at an international conference. The student’s results of the research activities, are obligatory to be presented at conferences, and up to the date of filing the application for a state doctoral examination is the student’s duty to have at least one active presentation at a professional conferences, thematically appropriate with the dissertation thesis or their studies.

As an active presentation at the conference is considered a performance, resulting in a scientific contribution in conference proceedings, which is registered in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index- Science database or Social Science & Humanities (formerly ISI Proceedings) by Thomson Reuters and has assigned an ISBN or ISSN and ISBN code or is registered in SCOPUS resources (“Sources”) as a type of Book Series or Conference Proceedings, and has assigned an ISBN or ISSN and ISBN code or it is an article in a special issue of the journal or “book series,” recorded in any of those databases listed above, which is devoted to the publication of conference papers. The minimum required extent of any published conference papers is 2 pages. If the conference proceedings is not registered in the databases mentioned above, but a direct result of the conference is a published output (eg. An article or output in the “book series” publications) recorded in the Web of Science, Scopus and ERIH databases, participation in such a conference is considered as fulfilling the obligations of presenting the results of results at conferences.

For further support we offer a list of qualified and well-established scientific conferences of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting to overcome any complications. You can find the link here.