Academic (research) conferences are usually organised by universities or international (national) professional associations. While the number of conferences is inexhaustible, the most prestigious are congresses or conferences organised by e.g. the European Economic Association (EEA) or the American Economic Association (AEA). In the Czech Republic, the economic domain is covered by the Czech Economic Society and its biennial conference.

Conferences can be searched worldwide using various platforms (12345, 6). Funding for conference participation is usually conditioned by active participation, i.e. presentation of a paper and its publication in the proceedings of papers (or proceedings of abstracts). Within the academic community it is assumed that provided the conference proceedings are included (indexed) in the Web of Science WOS database (i.e. they appear on the list of so-called Conference Proceedings Citation Index–Social Science & Humanities CPCI-SSH) or Scopus, there should be guaranteed an adequate quality of both the contributions and the associated review process. However, a contribution in a collection included in the WoS / Scopus database is not the same as an article published directly in a journal included in the WoS / Scopus database.

When choosing a conference, it is necessary to avoid the so-called predatory or fake conferences. These “conferences” often joint together several “conferences” in the same place and time, thematically are very fragmented (since they try to maximise the number of received and mainly paid-for contributions), the time between the submission and review of the contributing papers is very short (only a few weeks) and the review procedure is formal (there is no actual review of the quality of the submitted paper). These “conferences” also often take place in exotic and tourist-attractive places, respectively (the so-called congress tourism). Characteristic of predatory conferences is spamming of their participation offers. Another feature of predatory conferences is that they are not organised by established and respected universities or associations. The list of potentially problematic conferences may be found here. Nevertheless, the list is not (neither can be) exhaustive and for each conference, the applicant must e.g. assess whether the conference is of a good quality based on the above criteria. The List of Established Scientific Conferences in the Fields of FFA will certainly help.

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