Research and publishing activities form an integral part of academic work of lecturers and doctoral students. At the core of the Faculty’s publishing activities are articles in professional peer-reviewed journals (domestic and foreign), research monographs, and textbooks. Preparation of a text under assistance of a professional discussion carried during scientific conferences forms a standard part of the publication process. Books and scripts by the Faculty authors published at Oeconomica Publishing House can be purchased directly at Oeconomica Publishing House or its stores.

Citation responses to publishing activities of the Faculty staff can be tracked in the Web of ScienceScopus or Google Scholar databases. An up-to-date list of the best journals in various economic fields according to the Chartered Association of Business Schools (ABS) is given e.g. here.

Upcoming publications are listed in the edition plan for the relevant year.

Students publish mainly their qualification theses (bachelor’s, diploma, doctoral). Information on the qualification theses contains the Study and Examination Regulations. For pieces of work prepared at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, the conditions are regulated in more detail by the Decree of the Dean of the FFA No. 3/2014, regulating certain conditions of study at the FFA. All qualification theses, including opponent reviews, are published; the Faculty does not support any “secrecy” (postponement of publication) of qualification theses.

Academic staff may work on habilitation theses as part of the habilitation procedure. Information on the habilitation theses is here.


Entering publishing activities in the VŠE database 

Each student must enter his or her published piece of work into the Database of publishing activities of VŠE. The publication gets inserted into the database by filling in the form and submitting the form together with the publication itself to the assistant of Dean, Ms. D. Kubová.