The Third Mission of the Faculty (Social Responsibility)

The Faculty of Finance and Accounting of the Prague University of Economics and Business, as a faculty of public university, carries out its third role in society in the context of two primary functions (student education and research), namely in the fields of finance, accounting and economic education.

The faculty model of the third role in society includes:

  • Interaction with the business sector and professional organizations and chambers (advisory and consulting activities, contract research, staff training; often without direct financial benefit to the faculty),
  • interaction with state administration and government at the central and local level (advisory and consulting activities, participation in policy-making, applied research, staff training),
  • involvement in non-profit socially beneficial activities (eg. activities to support children and youth, disadvantaged people, promotion of science and research results, short-term and long-term intersectoral mobility of academic staff in a non-academic environment, etc.)
  • Author: Jan Lauterkranz
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