Internal Grant Competition 

Doctoral students along with academic staff can apply for the Internal Grant Competition of Prague University of Economics and Business. The main goal of these grants is to support the research activities of doctoral students; the projects are therefore not primarily aimed to support the research of academic staff. In case of obtaining the grant, researchers receive funds for two to three years to solve the submitted research project. At the end of each year, they submit to the Grant Council of the Faculty (GCF) a progress report on the solution of the project to be discussed. 

At the Faculty, there are annually implemented approx. 15–20 projects with the total cost of over CZK 3 million. Current rules of the Internal Grant Competition are available here. Internal instructions for researchers from the FFA: publication plan and evaluation of the fulfilment of the publication plan. Together with each project proposal it is necessary to submit also the IGC Project Card. 

After the end of the project, the researcher personally submits to the Grant Council of the Faculty all publication outputs originated from the project (both published and reviewed, or under development) and at the same time s/he presents the project’s results (sample presentation and sample list of publications for the IGC project). 

Provided the GCF has evaluated the project and requires provision of additional information on the ongoing publications (usually within approx.. 12 months following the project evaluation), researchers will provide the administrator of research and doctoral studies with a printed copy of the articles to be filed with the PC VSE or proof of acceptance / non-acceptance of the output (e.g. printouts of e-mail communications with editors of the given journal) + Report on the implementation of the ongoing/reviewed publications according to the example here. 

Deadlines for the new round of IGC 2021+ 

  • Deadline for new applications and interim report of multi-year projects at FFA (Ms. A. Bernasová): 16 December 2020 12:00 (check before the application closes in InSIS) 
  • Final report for the completed projects and faculty complementary reports on supplementary fulfilment of the publication plans for previously completed projects at FFA (Ms. A. Bernasová): 19 January 2021 before 12:00 (check before the application closes in InSIS) 
  • Meeting of GCF FFA: 3.2. or 4.2. 2021, 9:00 – NB 139 (including presentations of results by the researcher for completed projects) 

Deadlines for the new round IGC/A 2020+ 

  • The student grant e-applications (and paper forms) must be prepared and submitted in English before 12 noon on 20 October 2020. Details here 


Author: Leoš Vítek