The application procedure begins upon receipt of the application for admission to study submitted by an applicant in electronic form – find here.
Appendix to the Application Form is submitted together with an enclosure in written form.

The enclosure consists of the following documents:
a) a short curriculum vitae
b) a document certifying the level of the applicant’s academic attainment or a certified copy of a diploma and diploma supplement. Applicants whose previous studies were undertaken abroad need diploma recognition that must be submitted by the date of the release of the admission decision
c) list of publications with a short annotation and, possibly, an expert’s reference attached (not required by the Faculty of Finance and Accounting and the Faculty of Business Administration)
d) applicant’s intended thesis of their doctoral dissertation according to the requirements of a relevant faculty as

A research project proposal on financial or accountancy topic to the extent of about 5 A4 pages (10 pages maximum). One part of the essay must contain object and structure of the dissertation, including a thorough list of literature. The applicants are recommended to consult the focus of the scientific essay and dissertation with senior lecturers or professors teaching the relevant subjects. Applicant is obliged to send all above mentioned enclosures to study coordinator for doctoral study by email.

Please send all the above by regular post office to the address:

Faculty of Finance and Accounting
University of Economics Prague
Winston Churchill Sq 1938/4
CZ-13067 Prague 3 – Žižkov