PhD in Accounting and Corporate Financial Management

Management of finance has a key role in every institution (all the more so in an enterprise). Finance of an enterprise is closely related with the economy, financial and managerial accountancy; therefore it is necessary to understand their mutual relations. Economic environment, in which enterprises adopt their decisions, determine their decision making to a lower or higher extent. Financial accountancy is a language of finance, but not only this. It supplies information on financial situation and efficiency of an enterprise, identifies aberrations from a desired state and renders data for predictions of future development.
Even though the number of tasks related to the finance management depends on the size of an enterprise, the basic functions are always the same. They are especially financing, investments, financial analysis and planning. In the conditions of globalisation of financial flow and capital markets other functions gain importance. It follows both from the need of managing the finance in multinational environment and from the need of presenting to external users information on financial situation of a firm in line with the world accountancy standards.
Among specific tasks belongs evaluation of an enterprise either for capital market, acquisitions or other purposes.

In the system of internal evaluating management of an enterprise the indispensable tool is the management accountancy, which secures information in the departmental and product structure and enables to solve corresponding set of decision tasks. It disposes of a number of analytical techniques and models, which have lately been developing towards their interconnection with integrated management information systems.

Field compulsory subjects:
MIE911 Economics (Microeconomics – Macroeconomics)
FP_901 Financial Management
MU_901 Management Accounting
FU_902 Financial Accounting Standardization

Elective subjects:
Doctoral student chooses one of the stated subjects on recommendation of supervisor:
FIL901 Philosophy and Methodology of Science
STP916 Applied Statistics and Econometrics

Optional and supplementary subjects:
After discussion with his/her supervisor the doctoral student chooses other but
maximum of three subjects needed for the doctoral thesis (see the list of accredited
subjects for doctoral study).