Global Ethics Day with ACCA

17 Oct

ACCA and Ethics in Business – Did you know that today is the Global Ethics Day ?

On this occassion the Faculty of Finance and Accounting was present during this event hosted by ACCA.
Mr. Mgr. Dušan Kučera, Ph.D., MBA was a part of the panel discussion representing not only the University of Economics, Prague but also he is a lecturor of the Business Ethics class in our MIFA programme!

Business Ethics is becoming more and more relevant in many discussions through out the field of Finance and Accounting. MIFA programme puts great emphasis on the importance to keep Ethics in mind of all of us and that is also why the mandatory course Business Ethics is is held every spring semester by Mr. Mgr. Dušan Kučera, Ph.D., MBA.

The Faculty is very pleased to keep up with the speed of the professional sector of the field and is proud that the MIFA graduates are cautined about the importance Ethics.

Global Ethics Day with ACCA